Watershed code approved
              BUTUAN CITY, Philippines – The Sangguniang Panglungsod has finally approved SP Ordinance No. 3928 – 2012, “An Ordinance Addressing the Protection, Conversation, Rehabilitation and Management of the Watersheds within the Jurisdiction of Butuan City, Creating the Watershed Management Council therefore, and for other purposes” or hereinafter referred to as the “Watershed Code of Butuan City” in its 29th regular session held August 6, 2012.
              The ordinance, which is principally authored by Vice Mayor Lawrence “Law” Fortun, primarily aims to implement a comprehensive program that would protect, preserve, rehabilitate  and rationally manage all the identified and soon to be identified watersheds in Butuan City. To date, only the Taguibo Watershed has been proclaimed by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) as a source of water supply in the city of Butuan. However, explorations revealed that there are more watersheds existing in at least 14 barangays in the city.
              Through the measure, all watershed areas or conservation areas and agro-forestry/non-tillage areas is declared as environmentally critical areas which will prohibit anybody from 1) converting it to whatever classification; 2) conducting commercial tree farming not in conformance with the plans and programs related to reforestation, and/or watershed management plan; 3) perform water drilling except for household use; 4) hunting, destroying, disturbing or mere possession of any plant or animal or products derived there from without permit it from the Watershed Management Council; 5) dumping or disposing of any waste products detrimental to plants and animals and inhabitants thereon; 6) using of motorized and mechanical equipment that can adversely affect these areas without permit from the Watershed Management Council; 7) mutilating, defacing, destroying objects of natural beauty, burial grounds, religious sites, artifacts or other objects belonging to cultural communities; 8) damaging or destroying roads and trails; 9) squatting, mineral exploration or illegal occupation; 10) constructing or maintaining any kind of structures intended for the conduct of any business enterprise; 11) altering, removing, destroying or defacing boundary marks or signs; and 12) Exploitation of quarry resources and commercial sand and gravel resources.
              The ordinance also calls for the creation of a Watershed Management Council which shall have the primary task of the protection, preservation and management of all the watersheds in Butuan City and all watersheds that may be identified later by the council. It shall also create a Watershed Multipartite Monitoring Team which will be tasked to ensure the strict implementation of the said Code. Separate Management Councils will also be created in the different Barangays who are within the declared watersheds under the code.
              The ordinance was strongly pushed by the Environment and Natural Resources Council (ENRC) for which Vice Mayor Fortun is the Chairman. The council was reactivated by Fortun after almost two decades of dormancy.
                                                                                Click here to download a copy of the ordinance
                                                                           O3928-2012-WATERSHED CODE
Refer to:
Eldie N. David
Office of the Vice Mayor                                        
City Hall Complex, Brgy. Doongan                                
Butuan City
Tel. No. 342-9236




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