Hon. Ehrnest John Sanchez

  • Chairman on Committee on Public Order, Safety and Substance Abuse
  • Chairman on Committee on Disaster Risk Reduction Management & CCA
  • Chairman on Committee on Transportation and Communication
  • Vice Chairman of Committee on Youth and Development
  • Vice Chairman of Committee on Good Government, Human Rights & Ethics
  • Vice Chairman of Committee on Infrastructure, Public Works and Utilities
  • Vice Chairman of Committee on Physical Fitness, Recreation and Sports
  • Member of Committee on Tourism
  • Member of Committee on Rules and Styles
  • Member of Committee on Appropriation
  • Member of Committee on Agriculture and Fisheries
  • Menber of  Committee on Barangay Affairs
  • Member of Committee on Civil Service and ReOrganization
  • Member of Committee on Culture, Heritage and Ingenous People
  • Member of Committee on Good Government
  • Member of Committee on  Franchises, Licenses and Gaming
  • Member of Committee on Health, Nutrition and Sanitation
  • Member of Committee on Labor and Overseas Filipino Workers
  • Member of Committee on Land Use, Zoning and Human Settlement
  • Member of Committee on Peoples Council and Sectoral Affairs
  • Member of Committee on Social Welfare and Development
  • Member of Committee on Trade, Industry, Cooperative and Entrepeneurship

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